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Sweet little candies

made from 100% pure nostalgia.

Mondoux Sweet Sixteen® candies aren’t a new thing. They’re ageless classics. And that’s just how we love our little sour peaches, red raspberries, green frogs, gummy bears and all of our other jujubes.

They taste like back-seat kisses at a drive-in movie, like afternoons at day camp. And they’re still fresh and tender, like when you bought them at the corner store for a penny a piece.

The lil' more

Still peanut and nut-free, so you can eat them anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Like back in the days when hardly anyone knew allergies were a thing.

Peanut and nut free
Our greatest classics

Taste buds everywhere declare: our famous flavours are both a blast from the past and a new taste trend! What’s the secret to their everlasting popularity? Their delightful freshness? The way they squeak when you bite? Their brilliant colours? Their mysteriously magical smell? We may never know. It’s all that and more!

It ain't new
It’s melt-in-your-mouth proof that some things never change.

We have Grandpa Mondoux to thank for all that. In 1967, he found his calling in life as a maker of sweet dreams. His bright little candy delights are the fast track to happiness and sticky fingers.

Sweet Sixteen® candies are always close by at your corner store or supermarket. In fact, we have over 6000 points of sale. So, unless your home is Hogwarts, Mordor or the International Space Station, they’re easy to find (and even easier to enjoy).

And proud
of it.
But it's
kinda new